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Intro to Photography

This full-day introductory photography workshop guides students to progress beyond taking snapshots to creating photographs. We begin by exploring your camera’s capabilities and learn how to manually adjust for shutter speed, aperture and film speed. This workshop will also help you improve your understanding of composition, light, depth-of-field, and perspective. The six-hour session includes time for practicing the concepts and techniques discussed. Students need to bring a camera and the camera manual. A digital SLR or compact camera with manual controls is essential for this class.

Day and Dates             Hours          Location

TBD                                                9:00 - 4:00            Holder-Dane Gallery, Grapevine

Intermediate Photography - Processing Your Images

In this class students are introduced to an effective digital workflow using Adobe Lightroom and other software. We cover the most important aspects of creating and maintaining your photo library while devoting most of the sessions to learning and applying the processing tools inherent in Lightroom. This four-session intermediate photography series builds on the experience and skills learned in Introduction to Photography by using your photos and other students’ photos to discuss composition, perspective, content, and settings while processing images to improve their presentation. Students that bring a laptop with processing software loaded will find that beneficial, but it is not essential. At the end of the class students will be able effectively manage their photo library and improve the look and presentation of their images.

Day and Dates Hours Location

To Be Determined

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