Bruce, Grapevine, TX, 2014

Bruce Rosenstiel was drawn to photography by his fascination with wildlife and world cultures. He enjoys photographing all manner of flora and fauna to reveal the extraordinary, and often unseen, diversity and beauty of nature.

Likewise, Bruce’s cultural portraits seek to make the foreign accessible by diffusing barriers of difference, creating a visual language of images that focuses on themes of universal human experience: work, play, worship, sorrow, joy.

Bruce’s Small World is dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship and cross-cultural understanding, by highlighting the bonds and behaviors between species and across communities, communicating through images when there is no shared spoken language.

Since 2009, he has taught classes through the Southlake and Grapevine, Texas Parks and Recreation departments. He currently teaches introductory and intermediate photography and Adobe Lightroom to adults of all ages.

He and his wife have co-lead Culture and Photography Tours to Oaxaca, Mexico and Peru.  Beginning in 2015, Bruce has lead photographic tours to Zimbabwe for Sikeleli Safaris.

His work has appeared in many publications and websites and has been selected for many juried exhibits.

Meet the Artist Video

Recent Publications:

Southlake Arts Magazine

Destination Venice: April 2014

Destination Paris: May 2014

Arts Chat: May 2014

Destination Santa Fe: June 2014

Water Drops: September 2014

Destination Vancouver: November 2014

Destination Zimbabwe: December 2014

African Safari: July, 2015


Tower Gallery, Grapevine, TX

Triple Exposures: April - May, 2016

Lancaster Art Gallery, Grapevine, TX

Flora and Fauna: October 2006

Faces of Mexico: Nov.-Dec. 2006

Landscapes: January-March 2007 F

aces of Peru: April-June 2007

Faces of Peru II: July-August 2007

Grapevine Kids: Sept.-Oct. 2007

Images of Africa: April-May 2008

Images of Thailand & Laos I & II: Sept.-Oct. 2009

Images of Oaxaca: January, 2011

Images of Greece, October, 2013

Retrospective, October, 2014

Fort Worth Community Art Center, TX

Flora, Fauna, People, Places: April 2008

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, TX

Flora and Fauna: December 2008 – January 2009

Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, TX

Horse Tales: May 2009 - September 2009

On display as part of Texas Artist Salute

Town Hall, Southlake, TX

Fall Through the Lens, September, 2012

Juried Group Exhibits

Grapevine Art Project Show, March – April, 2013

Bob Jones Nature Center Camera Club, November – December, 2012

Bob Jones Nature Center Camera Club, November – December, 2013

Bob Jones Nature Center Camera Club, November – December, 2014